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Founders in the Valley enjoy an unfair advantage – they already have the best resources, training, education and network at their fingertips. International founders are just as smart and capable, but it takes time to learn the rules of the game in Silicon Valley.

Gateway to Silicon Valley eliminates that gap for global founders whether you are already here or want come to Silicon Valley, we can get you up to speed so you can start playing on the same field as seasoned locals.

Gateway to Silicon Valley provides resources to build a sound infrastructure

Gateway to Silicon Valley is the most efficient learning tool for your launch in the U.S. With it, you can gain momentum and start to scale without wasting precious time and resources.

  • Connect with 25 to 30 speakers with deep practical expertise on different topics
  • You will have a clear roadmap for launch
  • You will be part of the SVI Academy alumni network
  • Your company stays yours; we require no equity

Create a step-by-step plan to navigate your entrepreneurial journey

Built for international founders and local, early-stage startups, Gateway to Silicon Valley Program is a 5-day program that delivers real-world, actionable steps so you can start and scale right away.

Expect real results:

  • A company that will look hot to investors
  • Readiness to run business development
  • Knowledge of how to close deals and attract more attention
  • A plan to profitably market and scale your business
  • Strategies to overcome legal issues standing in your way!
  • Connections with trusted service providers

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What does the training cover?

In 5 days, you’ll learn the foundations of establishing your business in Silicon Valley, with topics that are customized to suit international founders and new startups. Learn how to break into the national market, legal, the basics of U.S. legal issues, how to incorporate your startup legally, and more.

You will get the tools to put knowledge into practice to ignite growth

Prepare to engage in 5 full days packed with workshops, networking events and live interactive discussions. This immersive program taps into the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is naturally grown in Silicon Valley.

Growth is Silicon Valley’s native language. Expect to grow as much in this one week as you would over months on your own.

Walk away with:

  • A blueprint for your Silicon Valley business infrastructure
  • Practical knowledge to accelerate your go-to-market
  • A network of key players to initiate partnerships, investments and mentors
  • An entire toolkit for how to profitably market in the U.S.
  • A complete analysis of industry trends – straight from the experts
  • Action items on how to secure funding in Silicon Valley
  • Effective strategies to overcome the legal and practical challenges to start a business in Silicon Valley
  • A sound blueprint of best practices to guide you away from business failure

Program curriculum

Our curriculum covers everything from product-market fit; fundraising, operations and marketing to Silicon Valley etiquette, negotiations, and small nuances that make your company look hot for investors.

Our curriculum is designed to replace your concerns and questions with answers and clarity

Our curriculum includes a variety of tracks to help start you on the path to success in Silicon Valley:

Mastering Marketing
Learn everything from basic trends to detailed execution strategies that will accelerate your marketing ROI.

Gain clarity on the legal implications building a business in the U.S. and how to overcome the challenges.

Business Development
Business development is the key to measurable business growth. Understand the basics and more in-depth tools to developing your business in Silicon Valley.

Learn the foundations for fundraising in Silicon Valley, including real strategies for securing funds, and how to build them into your business model.

Promotion is crucial to finding investors and building a presence in Silicon Valley. Get the tools and tricks to master your public relations efforts.
You’ll walk away with a clear blueprint to facilitate your startup or product launch, a book full of notes on how to avoid the most common mistakes, and connections to Silicon Valley experts in 20+ industries.

Leverage the power of the Silicon Valley ecosystem

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