Behzad Nasre
Behzad Nasre
Experienced General Manager

Silicon Valley Ecosystem and Business Models for Startups

Sam McAfee
Sam McAfee
Startup Patterns

Getting to Product Market Fit

Michelle Tsing
Attorney, Advisor, Founder

Negotiations and Commercial Transactions

Sophie Alcorn
Founder, Alcorn Immigration Law

Legal Immigration Process

Riaz Karamali

Establishing a Startup Right, Developing a Perfect Funding Strategy

Vera Shokina
Managing Director

Finance, Legal and Operational Challenges of Setting Up Innovative Business in the US

Rana Gujral
Entrepreneur, Executive, Columnist

How to Growth Hack your Startup

Jie Zhu
Partner at Petrinovich Pugh

International Tax Issues

Gerry Baranano
Director at Tech Futures Group

Successful Marketing for Startups

Amanda Bradford
Founder & CEO at The League

Case Study: How to be successful in Silicon Valley

Daniela Busse
Director, Innovation

Corporate Innovation Overview

Jens Weitzel
Founding Partner at Yabusame

How to Leverage B2B Partnerships as a Startup

P.K. Agarwal
CEO and Regional Dean

A Vision of the Future: Disruptions and Opportunities Ahead

Mark Klopp
Equipping Innovators

Financing Options for Startups

Naeem Zafar
Entrepreneur, Educator, Author

Writing a Business Plan

Lynn Nichols
Naming & Branding Expert

Creating a Powerful Branding Strategy for your Startup

Jeff Faust
Director, Valuation Services at Abbott

Startup Valuation, What is Your Startup Worth?

Michelle Killebrew
Senior Marketing Executive

Design Thinking for Marketing Strategy

Paul Kallmes

Intellectual Property and Operations

Pavel Cherkashin
Managing Partner

How to Make Your Startup Look Hot for Investors

Bill Reichert
Managing Director

Startup Lessons from Garage Ventures

Roy Terry
Principal Consultant

Pitch Perfect Top 10 Tips for an Investor Pitch